Thessaloniki is the second largest city of Greece, capital of Macedonia, and a popular tourist destination for its lively streets, vibrant night life, byzantine churches and cultural heritage.

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The airport of Thessaloniki, the second biggest airport of Greece, is the International Airport “Makedonia” and connects the city to several European cities by direct flights.  The airport is located about 15 Km from the city center. You can get to Thessaloniki by using the bus No 78 or taxi. For more information visit Thessaloniki Airport and The airport is served on a 24-hour basis by Thessaloniki Urban Transport Organization

Flights from all major European cities to Thessaloniki last 1 to 3 hours. Flights to Thessaloniki are available by many airlines from various parts of Europe. The international airport of Thessaloniki, named Macedonia airport, is approximately 15 km east of the city. Please note that you can travel to Thessaloniki from anywhere in the world via Athens by several flights per day (air time from Athens to Thessaloniki is about 40 minutes).

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Places of interest near Thessaloniki

Some places of interest near Thessaloniki include Mt. Olympus, Mt. Athos, Chalkidiki, Pella and Vergina. An interesting social program will be organized, including visits of the city, as well as nearby archaeological sites-more information will be included in subsequent communication. The organizing committee will be most eager to answer any questions of the participants regarding travelling to Thessaloniki.